Hello, it’s lovely to meet you.  I’m on a new journey these days; please join me on the DogLoversPodcast.  I’ve been a dog-lover since I was a year old and my parents gave me my first dog.  Peppy was a cast-off chihuahua pup that someone no longer wanted.  And she became my best friend, tolerant of a little girl prone to dressing her small black and white body in doll clothes.  Tolerant of being carried everywhere and occasionally hidden in a breadbox. I loved her for 16 years and was heartbroken when hers gave out.

But I’ve walked the same path over and over.

It never gets easier, and I will admit this last time was the most difficult.  My beautiful rescued bloodhound Rufus was diagnosed with brain cancer; at the same time, my wonderful, amazing mother received the same diagnosis.  In a matter of a few short months, they were both gone. I lived in a muffled state.  I did what I needed to do, taking care of my children, putting one foot in front of the other.   And nothing else.

And then I met Ella.

We just went to look.  I’d never really seen a beagle up cella|dogloverspodcastbloodhoundrufus|deborahfingerlowlose, but I’d been having a love affair with hounds for more than 20 years by that time.  Ella was three pounds of sweet, cradled in my daughter’s arms.  We’d always had older rescue dogs that had a hard time finding forever homes.  My daughter wanted a puppy.  She’d soon be heading off to college, and since we’d lost both her grandmother and her dog, it seemed like a small ask.  The least I could do.

I said we’d “think about it.”  In my house, this is mom-speak for “probably not.”

I wasn’t ready.  I was still too raw.  Luckily for us, the pup wasn’t ready either.  It would be another two months before she could be placed.  In September, I agreed.  I was feeling guilty that I had so little to offer as a parent.  Again, the least I could do.

But something stirred.  When she came home, the house felt better.  I felt better.  Everything felt better.  Two weeks later, I got a call that a second pup needed a home after her forever family changed their mind.  As I held the second puppy, my husband said, “I would have done this sooner if I had known.”

Fast forward four years to right now.beagles|dogloversonvespas

My two beagle girls, Ella and Sunshine are certified therapy dogs and my daughter and I are handlers.  We adopted beagle mom Cameron when she was in need of a home almost two years ago.

A Writer Goes Audible:  Dog Lovers Podcast

The connection between dogs and humans is strong and amazing and I see it all the time.  As a writer and a storyteller, I wanted to share these stories.  I wanted to give you the chance to connect as I have, by interviewing some pretty incredible people and learning more about their relationships with their dogs.  Some are folks just like you and me.  Some, like Terri and Jim Heck, are inspiring as they train, handle and love their search and rescue bloodhounds.  Some have taken castaways and revealed something new about themselves and the dogs in their care.  Some are therapy dogs that reach children without the benefit of spoken words.  And there’s so many more.

Let’s take a walk together. You and me.

Consider this your personal invitation to join me.  Grab your dog (if you have one) take a walk and have a listen.  Join me in celebrating and sharing this sweet dog life.  I’d be honored if you came along; the more, the merrier.  Welcome to the official launch of Dog Lovers Podcast; I’m so glad you’re here.  I’ll be along presently in all the usual places.  Don’t forget to check back here for show notes and some photos of these four-legged wonders.

Thanks for listening!4beagles|dogloversonvespas

xx  Deborah, Ella, Sunshine, Cameron & Henry









14 comments on “The Dog Lovers Podcast Begins | Deborah Fingerlow”

  1. What a great idea! I have always thought podcasts would be a fun way to get messages across but have never had the courage to buckle down and learn how. Plus – not sure I could do just voice! Half of my communication is body language for sure. LOL well done! I look forward to more.

    • Thank you! Yup, there’s a lot of body language going on but nobody sees it. Stay tuned for Episode 2 when Henry the beagle just can’t give his chew toy a rest. But the show must go on, right? 😉

  2. Starting a podcast is something I’ve been thing of doing but it feels so overwhelming (intimidating). I tried to do one once with friends but I just had to do the talking part 🙂

    • Well, I’m certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. 🙂 I am a perpetual work-in-progress; I hope you’ll come back, there’s certain to be a bit more learning going on. But I’ll be talking with some really interesting folks, so maybe you won’t notice my stumbles along the way!

  3. I remember those feeling after losing my 15 year old cat to cancer. I felt a little guilty bringing Truffle home, but she quickly captured my heart. I knew my house was once again a happy home when Brulee joined us.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard. And I’ve felt guilty, but I know I can’t live without them. I do the best I can with every animal in my care, as long as I can. The goodbye is the most difficult part of the journey, but the happiness always outweighs the sadness.

  4. Beautiful story – thank you for sharing. I haven’t lost one of my dogs yet and dread the day that happens. We have had to say goodbye to several cats and you’re right, it never gets easier. I’m sorry your loss was twofold; but it warmed my heart to learn that you were able to open your heart to fill both voids.

    • Ah, Sadie, thank you for your kind words. They are truly amazing and I am so very grateful. It never seems like there’s more room in the heart, but somehow there always is.

  5. What a sweet story! You are really filling a need in this world. Our pets open up conversations from the young to the elderly and bring happiness into our lives. I am glad that you have found purpose and happiness again and choose to share it!

    • Thank you, Amelia! I know what a difference animals have made in my life; and the more people I meet, the more I’m certain there are many more like me out there.

    • I agree! Times four! They have made an incredible difference in my life, and I know I’m not alone. Please introduce me to yours!

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