Tree Beagle | DogLoversOnVespasReady?  Grab your dog and let’s see what’s in store for 2018.  On today’s podcast, we’re looking past snowy, icy days here in Pennsylvania and warming our hearts with a few good dog stories, giving ourselves a break from yet another resolution, and remembering all those pups that turned us into dog lovers.

But first, meet Cameron.

Cameron joined our pack two years ago at age four.  Health issues with our breeder meant his dogs had to find new homes.  Cameron was the girls’ mom.  Who can refuse when Mom needs a place to stay?  We couldn’t, and Cameron’s short-term stay turned into her forever home when we fell in love.  She’s our nose work girl, and nothing will stop her once she’s caught a scent.  Not even ladders.  And yes, Cameron is standing in a tree.  And on the biggest rock she could manage on the beach.  We’ll talk nose work in depth one day too. 🙂Beach Beagle | DogLoversOnVespas

C’mon back and learn a little bit more.  Here’s a sneak peek of upcoming stories.

Follow Your Nose

Terri and Jim Heck are always lagging behind their bloodhounds, and that’s just the way they like it.  Summit Search & Rescue is a volunteer organization that offers help through their man-trailing bloodhounds.  Come along on a training day with me and learn a little more about these amazing | DogLoversPodcastogs and their even more incredible noses.  Did you know that bloodhounds can make a positive identification, based on scent, that is accepted in our court of law?  And that’s just the beginning.   Come and have a listen; I think you’ll learn to respect the nose as much as I do.

Working Animal Memorial

The Pennsylvania Working Animal Foundation is just getting started, but this organization is planning to educate and inspire folks about all of Pennsylvania’s working animals, from police horses and dogs to therapy animals and service animals.  We’ll be talking to the man who decided to create a memorial unlike any other in the country.

Worth the Effort

Totally Relaxed Echo | dogloverspodcast

Beagle breeder and dog lover Mark Wessner could see something in the dog that wanted nothing to do with people.  Find out what happened when one man brought home a dog that others left behind.  Hear why bringing Echo into his home was life-changing for both of them.

What is PTSD, and How Can Dogs Help?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can wreak havoc with a life.  Tune in and learn how specially trained dogs are helping folks move forward with their lives.  Each one is different, and each story is special.

Can You Really Teach an Old Dog?

Absolutely.  Join me for a conversation with longtime dog trainer, Betsy Howell of Redfern Canines.  Her advice is simple:  start at the beginning.  We’ll talk about how to get started.

And before we go, I wanted to take a few minutes to remember our old friends.

Lost Loves

Over the holiday season, I noticed quite a few postings from folks who were mourning the recent loss of their beloved dogs.  We’ve all been down this road, and it never gets any easier.  Check out one of the favorite pix I ever took of Ben.  We’re talking old-school, black & white film days here.  Note the 1995 date.  And I still miss my boy 15 years later.  His song was Bird Dog by John McCutcheon.  Have a listen if you like.

zenben | dogloverspodcast

Let’s get together again soon.


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