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You’ve  done the  research. You know the type of Scootist you seek to be, the challenges you will face, maybe even some of the types of scooters you want to ride.


You can picture yourself on a classic 1964 Vespa.  Or maybe it’s a fire-engine red Kymco.  There’s are so many flavors to choose from.  Now it’s time for a little fun.

Oh Scooter, Where Art Thou?

I am going to avoid all the warnings about sites and merely say “use common sense and surf safely.”  That said, here is where I have had success:

  • Dealers in your area

If you are looking for something carried by your local dealer – check them okymcosuper8|dogloversonvespasut.   Build that relationship.  Even if you decide to buy elsewhere, you know what your local dealer is capable of and how you feel about them.   See Good People Great Stuff
because it’s all about relationships.

  • Craigslist via Search Tempest – I like Search Tempest because it is great at bridging multiple states and areas.  Craigslist recently added such a feature, so it may be possible to do this directly from the Craigslist site.   One of the most valuable things you can see on Craigslist through Search Tempest are scams. When you see a GTS 300, 5 years old for $1000, it could be the deal of a lifetime.  When you see it in 10 different locations with the same pictures but differing text or phrasing (or not) …four words should come to mind “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”  
  • Scooter finds – Scooter finds aggregates the various available options and links into Craigslist, eBay, Cycle trader.  This can serve you well in doing a quick check on things that may show up outside your typical search that may be worth considering.    Unlike a search, Scooter finds focuses on organizing by Make/Model.  So, you need to know what you want or choose “see all.”   Scooter finds also has a mapping feature to show where in the US the various “finds” are located.
  • LetGo – This is a relatively new mobile app.  I have seen many scooters on this app and people are listing here things they never put on Craigslist.  I think the ease of the app makes people “snap and forget.”  So, this is a place where you may find something (very local) you might not see otherwise.
  • Modern Vespa – Modern Vespa is a community of Piaggio and Vespa enthusiasts.  Here you’ll find scooters for sale from individuals within the site.  If you are an MP3 or Vespa rider, I highly recommend the site for both the helpful community and the friendly exchange.   While it is called Modern Vespa, you will see other scooters there as well.
  • Ebay – I put Ebay at the end for only one reason – location.   Getting a motorcycle shipped can be expensive, add to that the inability to see it and Ebay is a riskier choice.

Do I really need to check each of these places?

If you want a deal – absolutely.  I have found that for whatever reason, the aggregators, like Search Tempest and ScooterFind, do not catch everything.   Also, some people use Craigslist but not LetGo (or vice versa).  If you want a deal or a classic, you need to check every couple of days.  Then, you need to search again, but much more generic.  “Scooter” rather than “Piaggio MP3 250ie” When people are posting, they often are doing it based on something they have (it was Dad’s) but have no real understanding beyond “it’s a scooter.”

Ready, Set, Scoot!

Now, go find your diamond! Want to get a closer look at scooters and scooter culture? Join us at Amerivespa 2018 in Richmond, Virginia. It’s not just for Vespas; it’s for everyone wanting to be part of the scooter community. C’mon,… Click To Tweet





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