Summit Search & Rescue has been called out to work hundreds of searches ranging from lost children to criminal cases.  They train hard and know their craft.  But it all began with one small bloodhound puppy Jim Heck promised to his wife, Terri Heck.  It all began with|dogloversonvespas

While in puppy class, Terri heard a story about a lost woman who had died when she couldn’t be located by traditional methods.  And she wondered if Boone would be a candidate for search and rescue.

Boone was.

Training with folks in Virginia as well as Red Rose K-9 Search & Rescue in Lancaster, PA, Boone proved hdogloversonvespas|apachee was a natural.  By their very physiology, bloodhounds are ideally suited for scent work.  The folds of skin droop down over the eyes when the nose is to the ground.  Long, sweeping ears draw in the scent, as does the dewlap at the throat, dampening the trail and enhancing the scent.dogloversonvespas|summit search & rescue

Bloodhounds were born to follow scent trails.

It isn’t just the long ears and droopy skin; it’s all about the attitude.  Bloodhounds are tenacious and dogged in their single-minded pursuit to finish what they started.  Day, night, rain, bodies of water, wind, snow, old trails.  NothingBloodhound Merit| Summit Search & Rescue fazes the bloodhound; the scent can’t hide.  On a recent training exercise at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, carpeting for an upcoming show was installed after the scent trails had been laid.  It didn’t matter in the least to the bloodhounds training that day; they could scent through the carpeting.

Take a listen in on Episode 5 of the DogLoversPodcast to learn a little more on why the bloodhound is so well-suited for search 7 rescue, and why owner/handlers Terri & Jim Heck have made training and handling these dogs their life’s work.dogloversonvespas|bloodhound bubbles


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