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Are Two Wheels For Me? Scooter vs. Motorcycle

I would propose the following test.  Can you ride a bicycle with confidence?  Can you move from sitting to standing to walking in a semi-fluid motion?  Can you catch a ball bounced off a wall 10 feet in front of you?  If you answered yes, then you can almost certainly ride powered two wheelers.  Think […] Read more…


Carlisle Cycle & Scooter | Deborah Fingerlow

Just outside of downtown Carlisle, PA sits an old white church. A few scooters are always parked out front, including an oldie-but-goodie near the sign. Welcome to Carlisle Cycle and Scooter. Owner Bill Viney bought the building years ago after relocating from Maryland. He tried and disliked the auto shop business; scooters were a much […] Read more…